Friday, July 25, 2014

 Summer Funk Hunt

To me, fashion is supposed to be an adventure! On with the hunt and the spoils!
I love thrifting. I love old and I love new. I love handmade and hand-me-downs too.
When I find an old dress with no shape on a hanger in a thrift store, I feel like Cinderella. By simply throwing on a shiny belt, I'm able to give it a rad new life while also adding a waist and some hot color to my outfit. This way, I can create a delicate, timeless feel with some serious funk. Add in a vintage, color-coordinating statement necklace from a Middle Eastern flea market, along with a bright bra underneath and a fitted bodycon skirt from Forever21 (which I also bought at a thrift store for only $1.60).This particular look is a combination of new, used, opportunity, bargain, and a touch of luxury. Life is all about choosing the best time to spend that extra dollar and when to stretch it. With that being said, thrift shop 'til you drop! Remember, style is for everyone to enjoy, so have fun with it!
Xx Katie

Glasses: Manic Panic
Necklace: Middle Eastern flea market
Watch: Gucci
Rings: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Mudra
Dress: Thrift store
Bra: Victoria's Secret
Skirt: Forever21 bought at thrift store
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


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