Sunday, August 10, 2014

 Stetson & Stripes   Part 2

One of my absolute style essentials is a great pair of boots. A favorite pair of mine are my beloved Doc Martens. They are so comfortable, super reliable, and always stylish. Boots are a great way to add a little attitude to your outfit, or at least make you happier and sassier that day. Also, this girl loves her Stetsons. Stetson is an American hat company that has been making the best hats in the world since 1865. Stetson has been a part of my family since before I was born. My dad always wore Stetson's. When he finally bestoded upon one of my favorite vintage hats I was beside myself. A style essential for life for sure. A great hat and a great pair of boots are always worth spending a little more on. 

Xx Katie

Hat: Stetson
Gummybear Necklace: Claire's
Crystal & Turquoise Ring: Barbara C. Pellegrino Jewelry
Top & Skirt: Thrift store
Boots: Doc Martens

Photographer: Rogier Van Beeck Calkoen X

Saturday, August 2, 2014

 Chop it. Crop it. Thrift shop it. 


If you are ever feeling bored with your wardrobe, a great way to have some fun while letting off some stress is to cut up some of your old shirts that you don't wear as much. So, that is exactly what I did with this old Urban Outfitters shirt that I hadn't worn for a year.  Simply take a shirt that you haven't worn for awhile or can't ever see yourself wearing again, chop off the bottom and create an entirely new, cute crop top! I promise you will wear the heck outta that shirt from now on!
Xx Katie

Glasses: Manic Panic
Necklaces & Bracelets: 90's
Crystal & Turquoise Ring: Barbara C. Pellegrino Jewelry
Purse: Thrift store
Top: Urban Outfitters (that 
chopped & turned into a crop top)
Skirt: Thrift store
Shoes: Charlotte Russe